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EDI Scoping Survey

Electronic Data Interchange Survey

This survey provides a general guide for us to help determine the EDI package that best suits you and your customer. 

We'll do that by identifying the following:

1. All parties involved
2. What you and your customer are looking to achieve with this connection
3. The trading documents and format required for the connection
4. Who will be developing to whom
5. If this is a retailer or non-retailer connection
6. The delivery method of the trading documents
7. UCC-128 label requirements

Upon completion of this survey, a ticket will be generated with the EDI team at 3PL Central. You'll also receive an email outlining the results of your survey, samples and specifications, and a project management guide. You can expect outreach from an EDI specialist within 2–4 business days.

Please note that 3PL Central is not responsible for management of this project as a whole. Our role is to develop, test, and deploy EDI connections. We strongly recommend that a single point of contact is defined as the Project Manager. That Project Manager should utilize the provided guide to keep track of where the project is at any given time, as well as ensure all parties are aware of their action items and planned delivery.