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CDE Essential Skills Resource Collection

Colorado Essential Skills Resource Collection

Thank for agreeing to share your excellent work in helping students develop the Colorado Essential Skills!  This survey will collect examples of the amazing work being done by Colorado educators with a goal of sharing your work broadly.  Your work examples will form the core of the Essential Skills Implementation guide, which will be housed on the CDE website and help other educators to implement and improve instruction on the Essential Skills.  We are interested in collecting examples of how you have integrated the essential skills into content instruction in addition to any stand-alone lessons and examples. 

1. What type of resource do you want to share? Select all that apply.
2. What skill does the resource address? Select all that apply.
3. In what grade levels do students use this resource to develop essential skills? Select all that apply.
4. In what content areas is this resource used? Select all that apply.
5. Is this resource especially appropriate for a specific set of students? Select all that apply.
8. Due to student privacy concerns, if your resource contain any images of students or possible identifying information, we need to handle it in a different way.  We will reach out to you individually to arrange for submission and the signing of a release form. 
9. Please upload the resource! The Browse button will allow you to find the file on your computer and upload it to the survey.
This question requires a valid email address.
12. Do you have any additional resources to add?