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ASOP Global Foundation Webinar

HIV Prevention and Treatment – The Threats of Illegal Online Drug Sellers to Public Health and Patient Safety

Join the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies Global Foundation
10:30 am - 11:30 am ET

To address the threat of HIV positive and HIV-at-risk persons buying medications online from illegal and grey market sources, the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies Global Foundation has partnered with healthcare providers and public health experts in New York City - a leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS - to develop a toolkit to educate patients, providers, and community organizations about the dangers of purchasing medications online. In this webinar, ASOP Global will introduce the toolkit, discuss recent research on consumer use of the internet for healthcare products, and review strategies for educating HIV at-risk populations on (1) the risks of buying ART and PrEP medications through illegal online sources and (2) ways to access safe, legitimate medicines.

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