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What You Really Want to Know About Pay Equity Registration

An anonymous interactive session sponsored by the Gender Diversity Key Performance Indicator Alliance (GDKA).

Do you want to know how your company’s practices compare with the pay-equity practices of your peers? Working Mother Media hosts this GDKA event investigating the pay-equity success an challenges of organizations while preserving the anonymity of the attendees and the confidentiality of their responses. Through a series of audience polls and open-ended questions, we will explore such issues as how advanced companies are with their pay-equity approach, who internally owns the process, the drivers and obstacles in getting started, employee perspectives, and internal and external disclosure policies. All information gathered in the session will be summarized and shared with the participants afterwards. This session is targeted to CHROs, CDOs, compensation and HR professionals.

You can join in the conversation from any location. You'll need a laptop, desktop computer or iPad/tablet and a phone to participate. Thank you in advance for your consideration to participate.

Registration and Logistics:
The sessions are 60 minute anonymous on-line focus groups that allow colleagues to participate in real-time on a web-based platform. You will not be speaking during the session, rather the sessions will be moderated by a Culture@Work employee. During the session, you will be assigned an anonymous user ID and respond to questions through the platform by selecting answer choices and entering comments to questions online. We hope you are able to join us for an upcoming session. Please begin the registration process by clicking "Next" at the bottom of this page.

*The form will be asking for your email address. We are constantly concerned with your anonymity during this process, so would like to take this time to assure you that this information is being collected only for event registration purposes, and will not be tied to your responses in the online focus group session.*