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VSHP as Central AC Replacement Research Project


Thank you for your interest in our Variable Speed Heat Pump (VSHP) as Central Air Conditioner (AC) Replacement Research Project! 

This project is being run by the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) as part of the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. Project research results will help ComEd evaluate the best methods for including heat pumps in their Energy Efficiency Program based on performance and economics. We are actively recruiting demonstration sites and encourage you to complete the following eligibility survey if you are interested in replacing or upgrading your air conditioner in 2022. Visit our project website linked here to learn more as the program progresses.

Why participate?
Selected participants will receive incentives to defray the cost of an efficient VSHP upgrade as compared to a new AC while supporting local energy efficiency program development. Homeowners will also receive professionally installed home power monitoring equipment (valued at over $150) which they may keep after the project ends.

Who is eligible?
ComEd customers who are single-family homeowners with centrally-ducted heating systems less than 20 years old with an interest in replacing or upgrading their AC system in early 2022 are likely eligible.

What does participation mean?
Interested homeowners must complete the following eligibility survey and share information about their current HVAC system to be considered for the program. Selected participants will then work with approved contractors to install a new VSHP in place of their AC in 2022 with some of the costs being offset by available project incentives. CEE will schedule 3-4 performance monitoring visits (each 3-4 hours long) during the year after installation and participants will complete 2-3 short surveys related to their VSHP experience.

How to join
To determine your eligibility for the project, proceed by completing the following survey. Completion of this form is completely voluntary. If you agree to participate now,  you can change your mind later. This survey should take approximately 5-15 minutes to complete by computer or mobile device. The first page will request that you upload pictures of your HVAC equipment nameplates so we can verify their specifications via the model and serial numbers. All other pages have quick short answer or multiple choice questions about you and your home.  

Questions or concerns about the survey can be directed to the project team at CEE via email: or via phone: 612-244-2440. 

The information collected in this survey will be used by CEE for research purposes only. Select the yellow next button at the bottom of this page to begin the survey.