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Spring 2021 Declination of University Quarantine/Isolation

Thank you for taking the time to submit this request to decline University quarantine/isolation housing. 

Failure to follow the expectations outlined may result in a referral to the University’s Student Conduct process. 

  • Failure to comply with the University Policy for quarantine/isolation is a violation of the Public Health Addendum to the Student Code of Conduct

  • The information provided in the form must be correct, in compliance with the honor, integrity, and honesty required. 

  • False information will be reviewed as a Honor Code violation, subject to conduct processes. 

Students requesting to decline University quarantine/isolation housing may reside at:

  • Their permanent residence with an adult family member or guardian


  • Another location under the supervision of an adult family member or guardian.  

If you choose to quarantine/isolate in another location, that space must provide you with a private bedroom and bathroom. 

Students requesting to decline University quarantine/isolation housing must agree to a set of expectations, including the following:

  • I will not use public transportation (planes, trains, shuttles, buses, Uber/Lyft) or shared rides with others to travel to my destination, as this would place others at risk of exposure to COVID-19.

  • I will limit stops during travel to obtain gas, food/hydration only at a drive-through, and avoid entering any public spaces. I will not stay in a location overnight on my way to my final destination.

  • I will not quarantine/isolate in housing where other members of the Wake Forest community will be residing, even if they are in quarantine or isolation status.

  • I will not visit or stay in housing locations other than the location I have specified during the time I have been instructed to remain in quarantine/isolation.

  • I will notify the individuals with whom I am to reside (including family members) of my COVID-19 status and any potential impact on them.

  • I will isolate myself from others in a shared living environment by staying in a private bedroom and using a private bathroom. I will not enter shared spaces or be in the presence of others, particularly those who are at increased risk of serious illness from COVID-19.

  • I will not return to campus prior to receiving clearance to do so from the University. 

  • I will follow any and all instructions for quarantine/isolation provided to me by the University.

Additionally, students residing on- or off-campus who are permitted by the University to quarantine/isolate in non-Wake Forest designated isolation/quarantine spaces are expected to follow the guidelines from the CDC instructions for quarantine or isolation to reduce the risk of transmission to others. ​

If you are able to meet these expectations/criteria, please proceed to submit a declination request.

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