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Sault Tribe Broadband Reconnect Survey

Welcome to the Sault Tribe Broadband Reconnect Survey

We are gathering information for these areas that are currently eligible for federal funding.  We strongly encourage every tribal and non-tribal resident to complete this survey.  If you live outside of these areas we are more than happy to include your information in our database as it will be helpful once other federal funding options become available.

As a part of this effort, we need to collect information concerning internet access and speed availability in your area. Because a speed test will be performed during the survey, we ask that you complete the survey while directly connected to your home network router. Please do not take this survey through a wireless or cellular phone connection unless this your only option.  Also, if possible, please take survey during peak use periods such as noon or early evening.

**If you have another address for a second home, cabin, or business, please take this survey from each location.  If you have only time to fill out one, please do it for the location which needs broadband internet the most.** 

Questions marked with an are required to be answered.

Anyone completing this survey with a valid Sault Tribe address will automatically be entered into a random drawing for one of ten $50.00 gift certificates.
1. Physical Address of household (Please no PO Boxes)
This question requires a valid number format.
This question requires a valid email address.
2. Does the home at which you are completing this survey have broadband internet? *This question is required.