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Neighborhood Mini Grant Evaluation

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Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for organizing your neighborhood project/activity!

Please remember to submit any sign-in sheets and receipts in Eproval, or you may email them to Yani Jones at

Although completing this evaluation serves as required grant reporting, please know that your answers will not impact future grant opportunities and awards for your neighborhood. We value your feedback and will use it to make our mini grant program better.
1. Please provide your contact information:
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
4. Into which general category did your project/activity best fit? *This question is required.
7. To what extent do you think the actual outcomes of your project/activity aligned with the City Strategic Objectives you originally identified as relevant to your project/activity? (take a look at your application here if you don't remember which objectives you identified) *This question is required.
Did Not Align Well
Aligned Somewhat
Aligned Well
8. To what extent did this specific project/activity increase or decrease your neighborhood's sense of community? *This question is required.
Less Sense of Community
Same Sense of Community
Greater Sense of Community
9. How likely would you be to participate in this same project/activity without grant funding? *This question is required.
Not Very Likely
Somewhat Likely
Very Likely
10. How well supported did you feel during the planning and implementation of this project/activity? (consider neighborhood volunteers, resources provided by City, etc.)
Poorly Supported
Well Supported