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Institute for Global Health: Research Catalyzer and Project Award Funding Application

The Institute for Global Health is pleased to offer support to affiliated Northwestern faculty for both research and projects related to global health.

The Global Health Research Catalyzer and Project Awards are supported by the Feinberg School of Medicine’s Global Health Initiative. The Institute for Global Health, the Global Health Initiative, and its programs are funded through grants and generous donations from individuals, families, and public and private organizations and foundations.


The purpose of the Global Health Research Catalyzer grant is to provide research support to Northwestern faculty who are a) collecting preliminary data to support a future grant submission and/or b) supplemental support for ongoing sponsored-research for work outside the aims and/or scope of work of the funded project. The fund is not meant to support the same aims of an existing study or projects that lack a specific plan to obtain sponsor-support. For example, investigators are encouraged to cite a specific RFA from NIH (or other sponsor) to which the catalyzer funds would build the case for a future grant submission. Eligible projects must have a significant component of the study based in a low or middle-income country. 

The purpose of the Global Health Project Award grant is to provide support to Northwestern faculty for non-research projects, including, but not limited to, events, education, community engagement, or implementation projects. The fund is not meant to support the same aims of existing projects already funded elsewhere. Priority will be given to supporting long-term partnerships for projects that will have long-term outcomes and impact.

Applicants must have a full-time appointment at Northwestern University and be a member of the Institute for Global Health. Note, a final report will be due to the Director of the Institute for Global Health 60 days after the end of the event or project.

Budget: Total budget cannot exceed $25,000 regardless of length of budget period, including all subcontractor costs and indirect expenses to subcontractors. F&A to Northwestern is not allowable. Requests may be made for less than $25k.

Budget Period: 1-2 years

Deadlines: Annual application deadlines for the Research Catalyzer and Project Awards (General) are October 1st, February 1st and June 1st by 5:00p.m. CST. There is a rolling deadline for all Primary Care and COVID-19 focused award applications.

Review Process and Notification: All eligible applications will be peer-reviewed. Notification of a decision will be sent within 45 days of submission. Review criteria will include needs assessment, impact for Northwestern global health community, sustainability, and applicant qualification.