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George A. Coleman Excellence in Equity Award 2023



On the following pages you'll be asked to provide the following information:
  1. Nominee information (Name, contact information)
  2. Nominator information (Name, contact information)
  3. Supporting documents:
    1.  Letter of Nomination (1 page limit) *Please include in the letter the nominator’s relationship to nominee, contributions and areas of involvement of the nominee, and evidence of the impact of the nominee’s work toward racially equitable outcomes.
    2. Biography of Nominee (1 page limit)
    3. One Letter of Support (1 page limit) *Letter of support can be from schools, community organizations, or individuals who know of the nominee’s active involvement in working for racial equity; it should include specific examples and evidence of the impact and contribution made by the nominee to a local school and/or community organization because of their involvement and engagement.
Supporting documents will be uploaded in Word or pdf formats. Please have them ready for upload prior to completing the form.

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