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CIBMTR Center Closure or Withdrawal from Participation

Center Information

CIBMTR Center Closure or Withdrawal from Participation

Be sure to get to the end of the questionnaire and get a confirmation of the information you have submitted for your records. Further work on this issue will be done via CIBMTR Center Support. 

If you come to a question where an answer is not readily available, you may use the "Save and Continue" feature starting at the top of page two to get a link to return to the questionnaire where you left off and continue responding without creating a CIBMTR Center Support ticket.

When you submit your response you will receive an email notification with your support ticket number within 2 business days of completing the questionnaire. If you do not receive a ticket number, please contact

All subsequent communication will be done via the CIBMTR Center Support ticket.

Thank you!
1. Where is your center located? *This question is required.
2. Have you already created a CIBMTR Center Support ticket for this request or do you need one created? *This question is required.
A ticket will be created for your center status change in CIBMTR Center Support based on your response and your response will be attached. You will receive a notification with your ticket number within two business days.
We will attach a copy of your response to the ticket in CIBMTR Center Support.
3. Who can we contact if we have questions about the information provided here? *This question is required.