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CCIU Cellular Internet Survey


Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) is conducting a Broadband Feasibility Study to determine the needs, challenges and barriers facing households throughout the districts' 22 municipalities in our southern region.

We are trying to determine where affordable, reliable, accessible high-speed broadband internet is available to our residents and especially our students attending K-12 schools in the districts. The COVID-19 pandemic shed a strong spotlight on the digital divide in Chester County and there are many residents who continue to face difficulty to access the internet for school, work, health care, and finances, completing regular homework assignments online, let alone engage in virtual learning. Your feedback is important to this study to help assess where students are in most need!

Please take a moment to complete this survey from your smartphone connected to your cellular data while at home as there is a speed test embedded within the survey. Otherwise, if you’d like to take the survey from your device connected to Wi-FI/Internet service, please visit the CCIU Broadband Survey by clicking here: CCIU Broadband Survey 

All answers marked with a red asterisk * are required questions.

Thank you for your participation in this study! We appreciate your feedback.