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Improving Wayfinding and Safety for People with Vision Disabilities--Fenton Street Concept


We'd like your input as we seek to develop a better understanding of the challenges people with a vision disability or vision loss face navigating Fenton Street as a pedestrian. We're also interested in your thoughts on how the County can do a better job of engaging people with a vision disability or vision loss in street planning and design projects.

That's what this survey is all about.

The survey includes 22 questions and you have until Sunday, March 21, to respond. It is part of a larger study funded through a grant MCDOT received from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG). The grant will fund development of a toolkit to help County engineers and planners better design roads and sidewalks to help those with a vision disability or vision loss get around. The grant will also fund a concepts for Fenton Street between Ellsworth Drive and Thayer Avenue to make this corridor more accessible to people with vision disabilities.  

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