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2023 INQUA Travel Fellowship Program

Please note that all information provided will remain strictly confidential.
1. Are you a U.S. citizen or permanent resident? *This question is required.
2. Are you currently working or studying at a U.S. institution of higher education? *This question is required.
3. Are you a *This question is required.
This question requires a valid number format.
3. Please provide the name of your academic institution and the department in which you are studying or working *This question is required.
3. Are you an early-career scientist working in the U.S.? *This question is required.
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
3. Are the the first author of a paper being presented at the 21st INQUA Congress to be held July 14-20, 2022, in Rome, Italy? *This question is required.
4. Please provide the title of your paper and the names of each of the authors *This question is required.
5. Have you already submitted your paper abstract to the INQUA Congress? *This question is required.
5. Please upload an outline of your financial plan for attending the meeting (including other sources of funding available to cover the costs). *This question is required.
6. Please upload a two-page résumé *This question is required.
7. Please provide the your name and home mailing address:
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8. Do you identify as:
9. Please indicate your race/ethnicity:
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10. Are you a first-generation college student or first-generation graduate student? *This question is required.
If you have questions or concerns about this application, please email James Manning,